Dating, Romance, Love and Marriage – How to Meet the Right Woman

So you are the knight in shining armor? The problem is, you don’t have a princess to defend with. Let me share you something that is sitting right there, under your nose: “Women are everywhere and the right woman is one you can see strolling at the mall, bookstore, coffee bar, internet dating sites, work, clubs, etc.” Now that you know that you realize that you don’t to be somewhere special to meet the right women, the next thing your should learn is the art of the actually meeting her. Here are the ways:

First, show confidence! You may not be aware of this but women are shyer then you are. Most women, especially those who are looking for the right man, love to be approached as well. So better get on your knees, approach someone and initiate a good conversation. Easier said that done right? One word my friend: “confidence!” Shaking knees and a mumbling mouth are things you should never have. Opportunity knocks only once so better grab it. If you see someone you like, approach her. With a right timing and proper approach, you will end up seating with her at a coffee bar all the way to a dinner table. Also, women love to see men who bear confidence. While this may not be an overnight success, you can always have your confidence developed. As they say, “right practice makes perfect”, so practice, practice, and practice more. Start at your office and talk to women colleagues. Then initiate a conversation with the waitress at a restaurant or the cashier at the grocery. As you build confidence through casual conversations with people, you let go your shaking knees and mumbling mouth.

Second, master the art of conversation. Now that you have finally had the guts to approach women, you should know how to initiate a conversation. Your first words will really make the difference between a “yes” to a dinner or a something like this: “Hi, what’s your name” and she replies “Hi, I’m leaving”. Pick up lines like, “Gee, that’s a nice set of legs, what time do they open?” or “Am I dead, Angel? Cause this must be heaven!” are something that will definitely end a conversation that hasn’t begun at all. Make good at this by being sincere, being spontaneous, and not sounding so desperate. Again, it takes practice so if your first approach to a woman at the mall is not successful, do not stop trying. A good sense of humor is always a winner to good women so have them on your reserve and take them out when necessary.

An approach and conversation is not enough. You still need the follow up. So the third thing you should do is to know how to keep a woman wanting. A first date can only have a take two if the woman finds that you are interesting so keep her guessing. Do not tell everything about yourself during the first date. Not only you will dominate the whole conversation and piss your date off, you will also have nothing to say on your second date if ever it will happen. Keep her wanting like the “Arabian Nights”.

Most men think that pampering their lady will keep her wanting him. The fact is, it is entirely the exact opposite. Did you ever wonder why many women love “bad boys”? It is because “bad boys” give no regard with women in the way they treat them. Women who are often pampered by men feel that they have the need to get everything they want so they are on a hot pursuit to “bad boys” who keep on playing hard to get.

Finally, meeting the right men does not end up on having the right confidence, knowing the proper way approach, and keeping women wanting because a meeting the right women may not end on a single try. You may have dated a woman and have successfully done all these 3 but still, she does not fit to the definition of “the one” for you. Meeting the right woman is a never-ending process until you are finally convinced that she is “the one”.

How to Give a Great Gift

One of the things we’ll find out sooner or later in life is that there will always be an occasion where we have to give a present to someone. It’s something we all have to learn to do well sooner or later. Giving bad presents or gifts will mark you as an un-thoughtful person whether you really are or not. Fortunately for you, I have a few tips to turn any bad gift giver to a great one.

One of the first things anyone has heard about giving gifts is that it’s not the gift, but the thought that counts. Well, while the thought may have good intentions, a good gift certainly helps. Don’t settle on anything you may have doubts on. The gift you give should be absolutely the best you could give, thought and all.

Settling leads to subpar gifts. If you “think” that the gift you give is a good one, then you should probably reconsider. You should always know that your gift is the absolute best and that you are confident your recipient will love it. Confidence isn’t something that you can fake; you’ll know when you have a great gift to give.

One of the things many people make mistakes with is the shopping process. They go to the store and pick something out that they themselves would enjoy. Remember who you are gifting for and what they like; not what you would want.

Making a plan before you do anything is always a good start. Walking around the mall for hours is not a good way to look for a gift. You’ll end up picking something out because it’s on sale or it’s the “best” you could find. Brainstorm some ideas on a blank sheet of paper and work from there.

While some great gifts can be picked up from the mall, some can’t. Think outside the box when giving a gift. Creativity will always show in a gift. You can surprise someone with something they never thought anyone would give them. Of course, your gift should still be appropriate; bad surprises are never welcomed.

You can often determine whether someone will like your particular gift or not depending on their current hobbies and interests. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a baseball player will like anything baseball related. Stick to the obvious if you are not comfortable giving something different. It’s always better to be safe than to go out on a limb with a bad gift.

All great gifts start somewhere. Here are a few ideas you may find suitable for your specific gift giving occasion. Jewelry such as charm bracelets have always worked well for fashion enthusiasts. New electronics are great for the tech savvy. Tickets to a concert or event are perfect for those with outgoing personalities. With all these tips in mind, pretty soon you’ll be a gift giving guru.

Fourth of July Costume Ideas – Make an Uncle Sam Costume

As Uncle Sam celebrates his independence this 4th of July, let us show our love for this great nation by dressing up the same way Uncle Sam would. If you’ve seen those old military propaganda posters which were released by the US Army to entice young gentlemen to join the army, you would probably notice the blue-red-and-white tuxedo popularly worn by the subject, Uncle Sam. Complete with his top-hat, red bow, and blue tuxedo, here’s how you can make your Uncle Same costume without spending hundreds of dollars for it.

1. If you have a blue coat or overcoat, you could use this for your costume. Make sure it is unprinted and the textile color is blue. If the collar is a different color, make sure it is either white or red. There are only three variations to Uncle Sam’s popular coat; it is usually blue with red, white, or black collar.

2. Now look for a white button up shirt, preferably with long sleeves.

3. If you have both pieces to the costume covered, the next piece to look for is a red tie. You can buy an oversized red tie from the mall, a textile store, or you could make on for yourself. If you want to make your own red tie, buy bright red cloth and cut it into a long strip (preferably as long as a standard length neck tie), about 2 inches in width.

4. Cut this strip into two, preferably rectangular in shape. Each piece of fabric should measure about 6 inches long.

5. Take both pieces of fabric and lay them on top of each other. Sew the top, bottom, and right sides of the cloth. Leave the left side untouched.

6. After doing so, turn the newly sewn tie inside out to hide the thread. Iron the result afterwards. Next, hand-sew the right side of the cloth and tuck the edges in to hide the thread.

7. Cut another piece of red cloth and place it in the middle of the two rectangular cuts. Wrap the edges of the middle piece and sew the two ends together. The result should be a huge, puffy bow.

8. Once you have your bow, you need to look for a pair of striped, red and white pants. If you can’t find any, you need to make your own. Find a good pattern for sewing long pants together as well as red and white fabric. You need to refer to the pattern to make the pants. Another alternative is to buy a white pair of pants and stripes of red cloth. Sew the red cloth to the white pair of pants to recreate Uncle Sam’s iconic pair of pants.

Niche Marketing – Find Your Fit in the Marketplace!

Niche marketing is the buzz word on the internet but has long held the attention of all advertising and marketing professional in the everyday world of television and radio, even newspapers. If you watch a television show with a large audience of middle aged physically active men, you will find that the commercials aired during that time frame are specifically geared to these men.

Think about the Super Bowl. Consider the hype of the unique and yes, very expensive, advertising campaigns that are aired during a football game that is watched by 144.4 million viewers. Yes men and women of all ages and walks of life watch the Super Bowl so there is a variety of ad campaigns but you will see who the marketers are trying to reach – especially with car commercials!

The same niche marketing mindset works online as well. Know your customers. Know how to find them. Go where they are then connecting with them in a memorable way.

From cell phones to SUV’s even shampoo ~ big business is willing to pay millions to connect with their potential customers. How are you going to even begin to compete with such fierce competition? Don’t even try.

Find your fit.

Think of yourself as the small specialized downtown shop that is up against the super sized mall across town.

You don’t need to have high tech advertising solutions to create a niche marketing plan that works. It sounds over simplified but know yourself, know your product and know your customers.

Better yet ~ find your fit!

What are your strengths? What is it about your strengths that will answer your customer’s needs or wants? Your strengths become the focus of your niche marketing efforts. You. Your expertise, your customer service, your relationship with your visitors and customers…they all come together to create a niche for you whether it’s online or locally in your home town.

Remember: Be unique. Be Creative. Keep it Simple. Keep it Memorable. Encourage referrals and reward those customers that send others your way. Build your customer base one customer at a time. Infuse your business with fun and intensity. Make your passion part of everything you touch with your business.

That little dress shop on the downtown corner that is thriving has found their fit amongst all the big high fashion stores because they cater to the unique needs of their customers.

Find your own fit.

Develop your niche, know your niche market and meet their needs. Have a game plan that meets your goals but also fulfills the unmet needs of your customers. Not just with products and services but with relationships that last. You will flourish as a business owner and your business with thrive.

Golden Rules of Being a Fabulous Friend

Fashion guru, punching bag, unlimited call partner, shoulder to cry on — what else can a friend do for you? These are few of the duties a friend can do. But what else can we do for a friend besides from being the rag to drag around?

We usually find ourselves giggling in coffee shops, hanging out at the mall, and having the sleepovers. But is it enough to be called a fabulous friend? Here are some tips to improve or have a better relationship with your friends.

o Admit the Humiliating Truth

Tell a friend about the Ungodly truth about yourself, it’s a requirement mostly in women. Women can be mistrustful and unless you reveal the naked truth about your juicy past, a woman may never trust you. Invite a friend, grab some beer and confide! At first, it may seem awkward but after a while the trust will fill the air and the other will spill the sickest thing about him/her as well. Both having known the dirt of each other will help you encourage to trust one another.

o Dating her EX?

Remember to only date her EX if the following applies:

1. The relationship they had wasn’t serious, no “I Love You’s” involved.

2. The person you’re dating isn’t the recent one he/she had.

3. If he/she met someone else.

4. And make sure his/her “someone else” is much hotter than the EX.

But it is better to avoid dating an EX. Even though your friend tells you that it’s so over and it’s okay, there will still be a question inside their head. They’ll be asking themselves why you, and why not him/her. There will always be a comparison of why your relationship with the EX worked out, and not with them. You’ll just end up hurting someone and will have to choose between a friend and a lover.

o Be the “Nice” Mirror

A lot of women usually ask if they gained weight or if they still look gorgeous. A lot of us would lie and say “Nah, you’re in great shape” but knowing the truth that they did gain weight. A true friend should tell the truth even if it would hurt, but say it in a subtle way. And remember to offer to be the gym buddy or her stylist.

o Never Take Advantage

The difference between a comfy couch and making your friend a doormat is the way you’ll be treating them. Don’t take advantage of the person even if it’s alright with them. Always make sure that it would still be a give and take relationship and not just take and take.

o Endure at least 10 hours Per Month to Hear Out Obsessions

Getting sick of the yada yada stories about the recent break-up, a new crush, work-related problems, or even tell you the detailed stories about his/her sex life? Next time tell your friend in a nice way that you like hearing things about what is happening with his/her life but you also would prefer to keep some stuff to their selves.

o Be the Air Bag during an Embarrassing Moment

Instead of laughing, be the airbag that a friend would need. Try to lessen the trauma of embarrassment.

o Never Leave a Friend Dangling

Always be there for a friend in times of needs. Even if you had to work the next morning without sleeping at all, then do it. It’s not as if she bothers you almost every night to be her pillow. Give the time he/she would need to recover and give assurances that everything will be just fine.

o Judgment Call, Ditch it!

Forget the word “I told you so” when a friend runs back to you after taking an advise and doing the total opposite of it. You’re still a friend so try to understand, although you’re sick of it, still do comfort your friend. He/She will do the same with you.

o Treat a Friend

Make sure you have the proper bonding time without anyone else. No partners around. Plan a vacation or a trip that includes only the two of you. Go to a beach, eat out, hang out at the café, or go on a tour.

o Never Wave your Triumph

Although you have the Bragger’s right, never wave your triumph in a friends face. Remember if something comes up, like a promotion, something beautiful happened in your life, you won a trip Paris or you found the love of your life, share it with a friend first. A friend will be most proud and happy for you.